Vintage Comfort Blend

The Vessel…

In the 1870s, Enamelware production began in the Midwest. Manufacturing the cookware was very basic, but considered innovative at the time. Sheets of iron were coated with enamel and the enamel was fused to the metal at high temperatures in an industrial oven.

Literally seven decades before Teflon, this “applied” enamel technique allowed for food to be cooked evenly and made cleaning pots and pans easier. 

Enamel cooking pieces were very popular well into the 1930’s. Different manufacturers started adding colors and patterns to the basic blue offerings that were first introduced in the late 1800’s. Much of the cookware disappeared in the 1940’s, because the cookware was needed for scrap metal during World War II.

The Blend…

Think love from the kitchen, the aroma of comfort. Sweet butter, vanilla, heavy cream and a hint of baking spices. 


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Vintage Comfort Blend

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Vintage Comfort

One Ecru 1960's Retro Baking Bundt Pan, One Blue Vintage 1930's Enamel Baking Bundt Pan