Lady Day


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Lady Day


“Lady Day By Y”
Featured in a Mercury Cube with a lid

Lady Day, a legend whose artistry is recognized in categories of feeling, mood, time – “Lady Day” – as much as its timeless, soul nourishing originality ensures everlasting global relevance, Eleanora’s gift came early She began singing in nightclubs at age 14. She soon changed her name and delivered Billie to the world – her reflective admiration for actress Billie Dove.
Miss Holiday started wearing her famous gardenia not for fashion, but because she had a hair malfunction one night before going on stage, she burned a patch of her hair with a hot comb; she needed to figure out something quickly. Her friend fellow singer Carmen McRae jumped in to help. There was a lady in the lobby selling candy, cigarettes and fresh flowers; Carmen opted for a bunch of gardenias. Billie had such a good night, and her performance was perfection; she thought maybe it couldn’t hurt to keep wearing gardenias at every performance for good luck.
My goal is to bring you a touch of the fragrance that Billie loved and of course I added a hint of a smoky note for the nightlife ambiance.

Estimated Burn Time: 120 Hours

Top Note: Cape Jasmine Gardenia
Layer Note: Cuban Tobacco

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