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Sensory Craft By Y

I honor and value the creative process and I take great joy in crafting every candle blend. I want to find the right concoction for everyone. First, why do you think you are drawn to certain aromas? I believe it’s your personality that starts the chain reaction to understanding your Individual Sensory Journey. Yes…you pull from your memory bank…. However, fragrances set the foundation from your environment and that greatly impacts your mood! Scents envelop your surroundings and impact how enriching your ambience will be.

All of my mixtures include a minimum of three fragrant notes and average eight notes. And because I layer my notes, I reveal the Top Note and one or two of what I refer as Layer Notes. Let’s figure out what you need to enhance your atmosphere and let the journey begin.

Gratefully, Yvonne

Nature’s Shades: The wax naturally variants in shades of color due to the organic ingredients. Certain blends pour true-White or off-White and other blends have a hint of Gray or Caramel. Please ask our Concierge if you need exact color clarity.

The Sensory Craft Candles Are Poured For You

Well Being by Y

Isn’t that what we all want…well-being and yet sometimes it seems so hard to get to. For centuries global healers have used herbs, teas and sages as key ingredients to help center their believers. These elements have inspired me. The foundation of the blends in this collection all include green and white tea because they contain soothing and health benefits. Sages are denoting for detoxing.

The Well-Being line features four blends to help you combat stress in every area of your life…work, home, family and friends. We are all just trying to figure it out and enhance your ambience to be more balanced.

click below to read more about each blend

By The Artist Hand

click below to read more about each blend

11 limited pieces, each with an estimated burn time of 175+ hours.

Available by appointment in early 2021

Estimated burn time of 400+ hours.

Available by appointment in early 2021

click below to read more about each blend

Artisan Approved

Embracing California

The Artisan’s Visual Inspiration: 

The Vessels…From ancient Egyptian civilization to Spanish craftsmen on the Iberian Peninsula to Mexican artisans in ranchero-era California, cultures, for centuries, have used the material known as tile. Tile, derived from the French word “tuile”, can be made of stone, glass, metal or ceramic. Tile’s rich history is the inspiration behind these beautiful vessels. 

The Blends…California’s agriculture is varied and bountiful! Two thirds of North America’s nuts and fruits are grown in California! 

I’m very proud to bring you these blends with ingredients sourced from California farms and gardens to the craft table!

Click any of our Embracing California candles to view product details:

Something Cool

A Toast To Collection

This candle collection pays homage to my godfather, Roy Shultz. He was a gifted chef and talented mixologist in the Rat Pack era and beyond! Roy introduced me to my first career of event planning.

Roy was regal, funny and gracious. Hollywood elite wanted Roy around to oversee their exnihilating parties, intimate get-togethers and “must be there” cocktail parties. Growing up I heard from many, if Roy was in charge that was half the success of your celebration!

Turning back the clock at those parties’ men wore dinner jackets and ladies used a can of hair spray in their bouffant! I channel Roy every time I pour these cocktail-inspired candles, I hope he be proud.

click below to read more about each product

The Art of the Cocktail

Heart of the Kitchen

I hope my kitchen candles bring your surroundings warmth & comfort.

I am inspired from my upbringing; I grew up with wonderful experiences in the kitchen. My grandfather (affectionately known as Sparky) baked regularly. All his treats were made from scratch, no short cuts! Now Sparky wasn’t the only baker in the family, my great-aunt Vivian, my great-grandmother, Mother Dear, and my play-mother, Joyce (Joyce is one of my original Sheros), were my culinary inspirations! The foundation of my kitchen candles start by distilling real-food ingredients for the essential oils needed as the base. Next, we infuse our signature wax blend. No soy. We utilize coconut, avocado, olive and date-palm oils for the wax. My goal is to bring the warmth that I experienced in the kitchen to you. This collection pays homage to my ancestors and my memories of them in the kitchen. I humbly hope you enjoy my organic & natural, hand-crafted candles creations in your home.

Yvonne's Coffee Café​

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Seasonal & Featured

Y’s Signature Holiday Blend is Inviting and Warm!

Top Note: Concord Pear
Layer Note: French Vanilla

Slightly Scandalous

Slightly Scandalous

Lounging in the Parlour collection

Collection Inspiration
The alluring combination of old Hollywood history and my obsession with this by-gone property is the inspiration for the candle series.

In 1919, the property was acquired by Russian born silent screen actress Alla Nazimova as her residence. Alla was known as the star of the film Thousand Moods! With the arrival on scene of sound technology, Alla knew that the era of silent movies was a wrap; she also knew that with her heavy Ukrainian accent that her days on the silver screen were numbered. With forward-thinking business savvy, she took every penny in her possession and transformed her palatial home into a hotel by adding 25 villas on the grounds. Alla launched the go-to hotel for entertainers in 1926!

Known as The Garden of Allah, it was located at the intersection of Sunset & Crescent Heights Boulevards. For artists and entertainers looking for a place that always had a party…the search was over. A locale for excess and those seeking Hollywood connections, folklore has it that you could see Marlene Dietrich swimming al naturelle every time she stayed there.

In the late 1920s on a typical day at the hotel, you may have seen F. Scott Fitzgerald at a corner table scribbling notes for his latest literary masterpiece, or you might catch a glimpse of Greta Garbo walking to her favorite garden villa, and Humphrey Bogart might have been perched on his favorite bar stool sipping scotch. The stories go on and on…until the hotel was demolished to put up a strip mall a few decades later.

The Rotating Vessels in the CollectionThe various rotating vessels that I source for my salute to this historic hotel are reminiscent of the eclectic candle holders that were used in the hotel’s lounge during its heyday!

Long is the Twinkle of the Night

“Custom Poured for You”

Now available in two fragrance levels “Subtle” or “Elevated”

Refill Program Available

Crystals at base available in clear, antique gold or vintage silver

Pricing starts at ….”24
Unscented $345
Scented $325

Pricing starts at….”47
Unscented $645
Scented $625 

Everyday Treasures

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