Yvonne’s style is opulent, innovative, global… and now powered by Yvonne White Collection™. She has brought forth an unprecedented line of designer candles and furnishings.  The Yvonne E. White Collection of furnishings, candles and accessories are reflective of contemporary life in our transcultural society seeking to fill their lives with decor and lifestyle items that are ECO-Friendly.

The Yvonne E. White Collection is “Green Friendly” and produces beautiful products that are the ultimate convergence of old world hand craftsmanship and modern technologically inspired living experiences.  Yvonne seeks to offer products that are utilized now and are always conscious of the effects of the continuity of economic, social, institutional and environmental aspects of human society, as well as the non-human environment.

Yvonne has blended the essence of high concept into a series of extended burn candles that fill the room with rare aromatic bouquets and created a line of high fragrance content candles.  Her professional love of creativity and her own personal panache of sharing distinctive products with the world exude from each candle.  All of the candles in The Yvonne E. White Collection are meant to flirt with the senses.  Her signature collections of candles, furnishings and lifestyle accents feature an array of global materials that she ultimately handcrafts with artisans right here in the USA.

From drafting designs, to blending fragrances, to adjusting colors and sizes, her signature candle collection features an array of scented and unscented candles that burn 30% longer than the average candle styles of the same size.

Enjoy The Yvonne E. White Collection candles, furnishings and accessories for any of life’s special occasions…because every day is occasion enough.  She is the driving force behind this new exciting expansion of the brand into the world of Yvonne White Collection™.


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