Reclaimed Wood Vessel Candle

This hand finished scented candle is made from reclaimed wood in the Southeast Asian islands and contains 100% Rain Forest coconut wax (Yvonne predicts this will be "The New Soy").  As the candle burns, it becomes completely clear.

No two vessels are alike and hand crafted exclusively for Yvonne. The blending of natural wood and wax is smoothly integrated into modern living with an exclusive fragrance that refreshes the spirit. The unity of the flowing natural lines depict soothing island breezes that fit any décor - indoor or out.

This product has a positive economic impact for residents of the Rain Forest.

Vessels average approximately 6"-7" in diameter
Estimated Burn Time: 130 hours
Available in the exclusive "Renew" fragrance

"Petite Scentsation"

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