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  "Regal Candle Holders"

Elegant Multi-tiered Candle Holders

Take a journey back with this Yvonne White Collection™ interpretation of the medieval era, a time of kings, queens and gallant knights-in-arms.  Amidst great cavernous halls aglow, stood the most befitting candle holders for the finest of royalty.

Enter the “Regal Candle Holder,” made from reclaimed wood and slightly distressed.  The artisan of this piece meticulously hand carves each bevel and curve to create this classic candle holder.  One of the favorite features is the dual saucers set below to catch wax dripping gracefully down the side.

Custom furnishings is such a personal matter, each purchase is done by consultation only.  Please provide your information and our representative will contact you within 48 hours regarding the personal experience of the collection.

Please note that with each candle holder a 12" Elevate is included at no charge.  This candle is only available in the color "Melt" and lightly scented.
Pricing Starts at $400

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