Yvonne E. White a force to create a ubiquitous and dominant force in modern living furnishings and lifestyle accessories.

Yvonne represents the convergence of creativity, upscale lifestyle tastes, transcultural insights and a vision for the future of well designed, high quality products being made available for everyone.

Yvonne’s original creations, from her vintage drafting table, feature her creative sensibilities for discerning tastes to be engaged with visual eloquence and practicality, while Juliannah is driven by the assemblage of living décor and how it seamlessly envelopes each client with exquisite living spaces that reflect the clientele that seek her.

Each satisfies the lifestyle desires with inimitable solutions that attract only the top artisans to work with them. Their international product base is a global touch point for ingredients, materials and construction talents that offer solid lines of candles, furnishings and adornments ... Yvonne White Collection™.

Most of the world is still talking about being sustainable, these two juggernauts have eclipsed the status quo and are evolving our lifestyle palette to receive sexy ecological products that rival any machine manufactured items. The craftsmanship and supple lines of the furnishings, the innovative aromatics of the candles and décor flavored vessels set the stage for a brand new way to see what "Eco" means in the modern world.

Yvonne White Collection™ makes a groundbreaking new statement for the world to begin to open our minds about what Eco means ... not in the future, but NOW. We see Eco as being sleek, alluring, functional, even exotic.

Yvonne White Collection™ is ECO SEXY™

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