Yvonne’s style is opulent, innovative, global… same inimitable style, now powered by Yvonne White Collection™.   She has infused her 25 years of top level professional event planning with high quality exotic ingredients, to bring forth an unprecedented line of designer candles.  Yvonne has burned thousands of candles and learned everything that was right and wrong about them. The current collection is the result of a search for the prefect candle.   Her experience covers sizes, fragrance intensity, wax types, burn lengths, wick composition, colors.

Yvonne has blended the essence of high concept into a series of extended-burn green friendly candles that fill the room with rare aromatic bouquets.  She has created a collection of high fragrance content candles.  Her professional love of creativity and her own personal panache of sharing distinctive products with the world exude from each candle.   All of Yvonne’s candles are meant to flirt with the senses.  Enjoy The Yvonne E. White Collection candles for any of life’s special little Yvonne White Collection™ occasions… like a mellow cool breeze on a steamy day or a child’s giggle that makes you smile.  Yvonne believes that all of us should consider each day special enough to burn candles-even if it is for simply navigating through traffic and arriving home safely.  The Yvonne E. White Collection of furnishings and accessories are reflective of contemporary life in our transcultural society.

Our colors reflect synergy with personal energy.  Similar to the Chakra, Yvonne has added her own Yvonne White Collection™ sensibilities to the ancient premise of healing and centering one's consciousness and well being.  The body, mind and spirit are impacted by the candle fragrances and colors as they work as one.
The Dark Purple hues represent Spirituality, Wisdom and Psychic Awareness and a Peaceful Oneness with God. This color assists in purifying our thoughts and opens us up to clarity and creativity.
Shadows of Black represent Absorption and Destruction of Negative Energy. This color complements its environment by enhancing the mood of any situation and providing a sense of potential.
Burnt Honey Color represents Mind Communication, Learning, Attraction and Joy. This color respects the social interactions that are enthusiastic and encourage independence.
Deep Gold tones represent Strength, Authority, Attraction, Joy and Success. Signifying a wealthy attitude, this color is open to the newness of life and accepts changes with peaceful confidence.
The Brown Earth tones represents Meditation, Authority and Strength. Browns expand our ability to harmonize with life and add stability. Above all to love and be generous with ourselves.
Creamy White Tones represent Protection, Purity and Peace. The wisdom that comes from purity can be seen in the subtleties of optimism and a fresh start.
Deep Red represents Love, Passion, Energy, Enthusiasm and Courage. Often thought to be the core of vitality, this color enjoys the freedom to be spontaneous and honest.

The distinctive blend of greens represents Healing, Calming and Protection. A restful blend of hues in the sage family, this color is about growth of new ideas and protection from anxiety.


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