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  "Night Mood"

"Night Mood"

Along the poolside of a historic 1920’s mansion, Yvonne noticed gorgeous outdoor torches. For eight years, they lingered in her mind inspiring her to create the ultimate outdoor torch, practical in nature, romantic in vibe and a touch of medieval history.  Designed to be functional, the “Ambiance Torches” are made from iron and heavy in weight, not to be easily knocked over.

The torches, being tall in size, with safety in mind, ensure that neither you nor your guests will be in the way of the flame.  The iron bowls hold oil and provide a burn time of approximately 50 hours.  That’s many an enjoyable occasion before needing to refill.  These “Ambience Torches” can greet your guests at the entrance of your home or illuminate your backyard for entertaining.  Or bring inside and set a warm romantic tone to any room.  They only get better with weather and age, so go ahead, move your party outdoors...enjoy the sun and stars.

Custom furnishings is such a personal matter, each purchase is done by consultation only. Please provide your information and our representative will contact you within 48 hours regarding the personal experience of the collection.

Pricing Starts at $1400.00

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