22 fragrances that are changing the world of candle exotica. Yvonne will only reveal one fragrance of each blend, but every candle contains 2-5 scents.

The smell of Sweet Grass puts spring in the air.


Have you ever taken a pinch of brown sugar and just let it slowly dissolve on your tongue? Image that as a fragrance that fills the room.


If I could pick a fresh coconut off of the tree for you… know that is my inspiration for how this island blend starts.


While making a toast… inhale the sweet aroma of champagne grapes. Imagine the sparkling bubbles and enjoy the festive experience.

Sweet Butter… truly makes you think of someone’s wonderful baked goods coming out of the oven.

Tahitian Vanilla causes many effects… spontaneous touching, intimate inhaling and so on.


What famous Jazz singer wore a gardenia in her hair? Yes, it’s my salute to Miss Billie Holiday. The fresh gardenia flower is now brought into your home at any hour.

Forbidden Fruit

Sensuous fruits… bite into a juicy plum for starters, catch that drip, what’s next?

From Indonesia to Haiti, rows of Sandalwood trees grow and grow. These historic trees produce an amazing oil that is believed to be a healing property. If you love the smell of wood, I’ve captured it.


If you could be in Cuba listening to jazz under the stars and indulging in an amazing cigar… would you believe that I found a way to have a hint of tobacco and fruit from the Caribbean come together for a smoothing blend? Every man I know goes crazy for this scent.


The Girl from Ipanema had to be surrounded by Passion Fruit.


Nothing like a warm caramel latte to start or end the day. I just figured out how to take it from the coffee mug to a candle.

Melt In Your Mouth

For Chocolate Lovers Only… need I say more?


It’s like having a slice of my Aunt Vivian’s Lemon Meringue Pie. I tried to do her recipe justice.

Yes, we really put in rum and mint. You'll think you're sitting on a sidewalk café in South Beach, sipping mojito from a tall chilled glass.

Imagine a blend of Lychee fruit that is so sensuous it may cause you to nibble on someone's....

For centuries Native Americans believe that burning sage can be utilized to remove negative energy...Hey, a touch of it can't hurt. We all want only good vibes around.

Pineapples are grown in so many exotic tropical places.  I want you feel you could be in any of those places at sunset. This is my wish for you.

When I tell you I found something from the Baltic Sea that is strong in fragrance and gently sweet...we can't take responsibility if you look over at someone and just have to kiss him or her.

The serenity of sipping green tea is so calming.  It can steady the most stressful day.  When lighting this candle be prepared to release your worries.

Thai Sunrise
Believe that you are sitting on top of a mountain peak in Thailand at sunrise overlooking the Andaman Sea, you make a slight turn and you are overlooking a dense tropical forest that is full of exotic fruits...the sweet smell is brought to you.

If you appreciate the indulgent taste of rich truffles...need I say more?


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