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  "Forget Me Not"

"Forget Me Not" Table

Stop burying your photos in albums no one ever sees.  The "Forget Me Not" table is designed with preservation in mind and allows you to make your precious memories an intrinsic part of your conversation while dinning.  Guests, friends and family members can all share in these relished memories.  Images and keepsakes are protected from constant sunlight safely underneath UV glass.  This unforgettable table makes for joyful, reminiscing conversation that connects past and present, friends to family and you with your own history.

The Facts
The "Forget Me Not" is a table, designed with legs. It is available in sizes: 24", 36", 48", and 60", in 4' sections, square or round. It can also be customized into side tables, buffets, entry tables or coffee tables.  Discover the possibilities.

There is approximately a six week turn around time per order.

Custom furnishings is such a personal matter, each purchase is done by consultation only. Please provide your information and our representative will contact you within 48 hours regarding the personal experience of the collection.

Pricing Starts at $6,500

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