"Floating Glow"

"Floating Glow" - Pool Candle

For years Yvonne searched for the perfect floating candle for clients. You know if you've ever shopped for them ... you know the problems too small, the candle can't even stand up against the slightest breeze and the burn time is incredibly brief. Bottom line, why are most floating candles not water friendly?

Our collection provides a floating candle that delivers. Yvonne designed it to work in harmony with the elements and give you elegant and extended lighting. The blue of the wax has a touch of gray that appears to blend into the water. The burn time is so long that you can actually retrieve them to use for your next midsummer night Yvonne White Collection™ occasion.

Note: Color of candle is a subtle blue with a touch of dolphin gray.

Size: Approximately 6" diameter
Estimated Burn Time:  70+ hours

Price: $25.00

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