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  "Finally... A Beautiful Filing Cabinet"

Dull, gray metal.  Scratched, fading plastic – throw them out now!  Your work and home office space doesn’t have to be dreary and aesthetically unpleasing to be functional.  Yvonne designed this file cabinet out of necessity, to ease her own filing frustrations.  Her mantra is for “beauty and functionality to co-exist.”  She firmly believes that being confident in your workspace helps promote a more positive, fluid workflow.

 The “Finally…A Beautiful Filing Cabinet” is made out of hand carved wood.  Each drawer can be adjusted to accommodate legal or letter sized documents.  This cabinet is designed with one locking system.  There’s even a removable top that can act as an “In Box” for files waiting their turn for your attention. 

Custom furnishings is such a personal matter, each purchase is done by consultation only. Please provide your information and our representative will contact you within 48 hours regarding the personal experience of the collection.

Pricing Starts at $650

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