Travel Tin Candle

The Destinations travel tins features a selection of 16 romantic, business, friendship, and holiday themed quotes. What makes the Destinations travel candle unique is that it is a "message" and gift in one YEWC package. This line is extensive enough to give gifts from loved ones to a business colleague and is especially convenient for the traveler on the run.

Destinations candles now come with pre-selected fragrances. We have blended the perfect scent with the quotes for a unique experience for your Destinations.

4 oz Travel Candle
Estimated Burn Time: 24 hours
16 different messages available
- This item includes free shipping

Price: $12.50

Quotes available:

“You are my vacation.”
“Of course we're ordering room service.”

“Hang the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign.”

“You make a difference in my day.”
“50% you, 50% me, 100% complete.”

“I will be thinking of your…”

“What do you think we'd be doing if I was there?”
“I only think of you twice a day…AM and PM.”

“Old friends grow young together.” “Good leaders walk beside their team.”
“Happy Everything.”

“I'm sending you a pile of kisses and a stack of hugs.”

“Thank you for sharing the comforts of your home.”

“I still crave your kiss.”

“Just Breathe.  Just Believe.”

“Two words that mean so much…thank you.”

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