Corporate Services
With the assistance of a complete network of professional services, we respond to every corporate request with an attitude of intensity to perform amazing tasks.

From coordinating entire business occasions to public events to company incentives, The Yvonne E. White Collection has your needs in mind.  Every client desire is addressed with a Yvonne White Collection™ eye on accomplishing your vision with a panache that enhances your brand persona in the minds of your guests, attendees or employees.

Be assured that we realize that you are conscious of modern conservative discernment and we specialize in advising on corporate choices that reflect the times with the appropriate tone and tastefulness.  Events to gifting, The Yvonne E. White Collection serves every happening.

Custom Gifts
As your family occasion, private party or special events like weddings, mitzvahs, engagements, birthdays, etc., take center stage in your life, power the occasion with a customized gift selection from The Yvonne E. White Collection.

Your needs and the expression of who you are is unique.  When you are host, you want to bring family and friends closer and what better way for them to remember those special moments than by sharing with them an elegant gift, tailored to exemplify your feelings about the celebration.

We pride ourselves that whether we are providing private labels for your candles, personalized packaging for your candles or other custom gifts from our accessory line... we want to articulate your style with quality and distinction.  We strive to provide you with a product that will show your special guests that you care about them and the environment when gift giving.

Custom Décor
When you are seeking to redesign a location, dress a club or private lounge, or even convert a space into something with significant drama, let us add some Yvonne White Collection™ to your location.

Our team has years of experience creating spaces that exude quality and luxury.  We will design your residence as a work of art, make your retail location stunning, create astonishing upscale events, etc.  We are determined to wow you with every hue, texture and materials utilized to create our signature looks.

We craft the right path for your décor needs to be experienced by all.  Our professional selections from the top houses and services are made at your behest to produce for you a spectacular result that you will love. We guarantee it.

We look forward to the opportunity to WOW you!

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