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   "Candle Snuffer"

"Candle Snuffer"

This custom designed pewter snuffer for The Yvonne E. White Collection is the exclusive creation of metal sculptor and designer Patrick Meyer.  He has created this specifically for Yvonne to assist you in caring for your candle investments and lengthen their lives.

Once your new candle has arrived, it is crucial to candle enjoyment that the care of the candle be comprehensive and easy.  Like shelter, protect, pamper and extend the life of candles for long lasting living with the benefit of enchantment from your candles.

Snuffer Tip:  To extend the life of your candles, we suggest that you never blow out the flame because it may cause the wick to bend into the wax or the wax may splash. Instead, we advise using a snuffer to keep the wick upright for easy access for your next burn.

Price: $80.00


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