Professional Profile

The debate about the line between creativity and commerce is an old one.  Every now and then, the line is blurred by an individual that only sees innovation and excellence as the way to achieve both creative expression and business success.  Yvonne E. White is just such a person.

Yvonne is now a much sought after provocateur of event styling, as well as lifestyle furnishings maven.  She is infusing her lifestyle philosophy into a collection of products that are taking the custom furnishing industry by storm.  The result is a company that fluidly reflects her love for exotic beauty, practical functionality and hand craftsmanship.  Signature candles, furniture, accessories and one-of-a-kind selections make up a collection that excites the  well being palette.

Yvonne credits her mother, who entertained regularly in their home, and her late godfather, celebrity chef, Roy Schultz, for the instinct and skills acquired which have propelled her to the top of her profession in the party planning industry.  Since her first client, Natalie Wood, in 1980, and her first major solo event for Rick Springfield at the tender age of 18, Yvonne's business flourished as the secret of celebrities and top executives.  However, such positive visibility catapulted Yvonne to expand her brand even further as aLifestyle Consultant, Event Coordinator, National Correspondent and Media Personality.

Producing high-powered events for large groups cultivated a real need for amazingly designed furnishings that were practical.  Yvonne believes, "Anyone should be able to put together a fabulous space for entertaining in under an hour, with clean up being just as effortless."  Her love of designing and creating brings into being truly remarkable pieces that are super functional, gorgeous and command room presence.  Yvonne believes, "Style doesn't have to be complicated to be beautiful and useful."

Nearing the 25 year mark of her event planning career, Yvonne decided to expand her unique  ideas into actual products under her own label. With the help of some very supportive associates, Yvonne launched her own line in the fall of 2006. She's developed amazing works that are hand crafted, "Green Friendly" and visually captivating.  Inspiration for many of the pieces in her collection have come from a vast pallet of antiquities and modern practicality that works.  Yvonne is very proud of the fact that The Yvonne E. White Collection is crafted globally, as well as in the USA.

Armed with her devout appreciation of ancestry, Yvonne's designs originate
from her antique studio drafting table and her personally discovered treasures in far off places around the world, from Los Angeles to Barcelona. Her philosophy is to ‘savor everything that surrounds you, engaging all the senses to celebrate each moment of every day.

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