The Yvonne E. White Collection produces beautiful products that are the ultimate convergence of old world hand craftsmanship and modern technologically driven living experiences. We seek to offer products that are utilized now and are always conscious of the effects of the continuity of economic, social, institutional and environmental aspects of human society, as well as the non-human environment.

The Yvonne E. White Collection (YEWC) signature candles are made of the highest grade of 100% Japanese soy wax, which is measurably more environmentally friendly than paraffin wax products. YEWC candles, which are chemical free, produce a much cleaner burn. Pure cotton woven wicks are self-trimming and do not emit harmful carcinogens into the air. All of our custom fragrances are completely natural. Scents are made of nature’s best essences including herbs, flowers, exotic fruits and essential oils. Each “Destination” candle contains 16% fragrance, the highest in the industry. Our U.S. made candles have an excellent burn-time of approximately 6 times that of regular paraffin products on the market.

A) “Being Green” costs more, because of the basic requirements of natural ingredi­ents. Studies are revealing that there are multiple disadvantages to using paraffin wax and artificially scented candles. These disadvantages include non-renewable resources, imported oil dependent and a faster burn which releases more soot into the air. In fact, the smoke from paraffin candles contains 11 known toxins of which two are carcinogenic (toluene and benzene).

B) YEWC candles are made in the USA. Our research tells us that up to 75% of
candles are imported from China. We strive to keep the YEWC production in the States, thus we contribute to our economy throughout production. These two facts alone are converting many new customers. Also, while more and more imported products are retained longer and longer at ports, YEWC candles flow through production to market non-stop.

C) As our planet is increasingly more denser with environmental complexities, YEWC is more cognizant that we are all interconnected. We support many social and global projects and are planning now to incorporate Coconut Wax (a much better product that will be “the New Soy”); it helps the Rain Forrest eco system and economy.

D) The extended burn time of YEWC candles actually pay for themselves and more than makes up for the investment. Our candles last longer. Industry standards of paraffin usually burn 1 hour to 2 hours per ounce. YEWC soy candles burn 5 to 6 hours per ounce.

E) Handling volume is one of our strongest attributes; we handle each candle as if it’s the only one. It is our practice not to produce product that is cranked out in a big cookie cutter factor setting. My team and myself oversee every step and procedure of YEWC production.

A majority of our furniture is made of recycled and reclaimed wood. YEWC showcases pieces of natural petrified wood from the rain forests of the world. In addition to wood, other natural elements are used. YEWC is proud to feature the designer hand welding and master wood craftsmanship, producing products that are beautiful without the use of linen or fabric coverings. Whether it’s in your home or restaurant, this feature eliminates the laundering process. By doing so, harmful chemicals and soaps used in the cleaning process are prevented from contaminating lakes, rivers and oceans.

As an alternative to using Styrofoam as packing material, YEWC uses naturally collected bird feathers. Rather than gift-wrapping items in paper, The Yvonne E. White Collection signature style utilizes repurposed fabric. Economically, the cost is the same as paper, but fabric wrapping is reusable. Precious trees are therefore saved from destruction for the production of paper.

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