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  "Night in Barcelona" Candelabra

"Night in Barcelona" Candelabra

Loosely inspired by the works of Gaudi, Yvonne stood speechless when she saw the iron work of Gaudi in Barcelona, Spain.  She wondered if she could take her interpretation of this master architect work and bring her vision to life.

This spectacular candelabra has been brought to life through the creative collaboration of metal designer Shane Hammond and Yvonne E. White.  Through the artistry of a master blacksmith, the candelabra has been crafted from iron and agate, with 17 candle holders stretching horizontally from end to end.

You’ll note our signature Yvonne E. White peacock feather has been incorporated into this one-of-a-kind piece.  People will literally stop in their tracks to observe this illuminating masterpiece.  There are steps crafted into the length of it’s 12' welded frame making candle lighting easier.  Enjoy the magic of the twinkle of Barcelona nights in...

Custom furnishings is such a personal matter, each purchase is done by consultation only. Please provide your information and our representative will contact you within 48 hours regarding the personal experience of the collection.

Dimensions: 12' in height and 8' in span.  We can customize this design to fit the dimensions of your space.

Price: $12,000

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